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Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D Barcoded Glass Tubes
High Density, Chemical Resistive, Traceable Storage Tubes
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The perfect solution for samples in DMSO, chlorinated solvents and other harsh chemicals and applications where newly-synthesized compounds need to be dried-down or lyophylized and subsequently resolubilized by hand or via automation. Permanently attached 2D barcodes enable safe, secure tracking of precious samples.
  • Permanently attached, laser-etched 2D barcodes on the bottom of each tube allow you to scan and decode tubes without removing them from the rack. Data can associated with each tube
  • Built-in error correction ensures that barcodes will never be misread
  • 100% quality control checks that every code is unique and readable

Secure Tracking
Matrix 2D barcoded storage tubes are supplied with permanent 2D barcodes on the base of each tube to track samples securely within the laboratory. Use a simple VisionMate Wireless or VisionMate ST reader to scan single tubes, or a VisionMate SR or VisionMate High Speed reader for higher throughput operations. Scan the tube into any application or integrate with your database.

Superior Tube Design and Storage Format
The permanently laser-etched ceramic 2D barcode can withstand wide temperature fluctuations and chemicals from DMSO to concentrated HCl, as well as, sonication and UV light exposure without any change in barcode readability. Unlike traditional glass vials and tubes, Matrix glass storage tubes are supplied in our microplate footprint latch racks of 96 tubes/rack to store more samples in less space. Compatible with traditional mutichannel pipettes and automated liquid handlers.

100% Quality Control
Every 2D barcode is scanned for readability and checked against a full database of all previous 2D barcodes to ensure there are never duplicates across the entire line of Matrix 2D barcoded storage tubes

Ordering Guide
38501.0 ml 2D Barcoded Glass Tubes 5 Latch Racks of 96 tubes/case $936.00

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