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Automation-Friendly Microplate Lids
Automatically handle lidded plates on Thermo Scientific Matrix Automated Liquid Handling Instruments
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Whether you are automating cell-based assays or want to limit evaporation in low volume work, the automation-friendly plate lid enables lidded plates to be handled on the Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMate Plus and Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate Stacker automated liquid handling systems. Specially designed to allow Thermo Scientific Matrix automated plate stackers to de-lid plates and replace the lid upon filling (without use of suction cups or robotic arms), the lids fit virtually any standard microplate, and are available separately, or pre-installed on any Thermo Scientific Matrix microplate for added convenience.
  • Microplates stay covered until pipetting step- reduces evaporation and risk of cross contamination
  • Compatibility with Thermo Scientific Matrix PlateMatePlus and WellMate Stackers ensure reliable lid handling without complex robotic arms
  • Thermo Scientific Matrix Wellmate stacker is preprogrammed to handle lidded plates
  • Lids are pre-sterilized and available for use with any 96, 384 or 1536 plate, or pre-packaged on any Thermo Scientific Matrix microplate
  • Black lids are available for use with light sensitive assays or compounds
  • All lids are Purefect certified to ensure absence of DNA, DNAase, RNAse, Cytotoxins, and Endotoxins

Black and Clear Polystyrene
Sturdy polystyrene composition withstands robotic arm handling and automated systems. Opaque black lids are ideal for applications conducted with light-sensitive assays.

Unique Packaging
Like Matrix ScreenMates, our Automation Lids are packaged in thick snap and tear bags that resist tearing and punctures, yet are designed to be easy to open.

Universal Fit
Automation-friendly lids fit on virtually any standard 96, 384, and 1536 microplate.

Matrix Automation Systems
Lids can be used with Matrix WellMate Stacker and PlateMate Plus systems.

Automation Lids are sold separately, or pre-packaged with any ScreenMates brand microplate for sterility and convenience.
Cell-based assays
Light sensitive assays
Low volume dispensing

Technical Specifications
Composition Polystyrene, Clear or Black
Length 127.8mm
Width 85.5mm
Total Height 9.5mm

Ordering Guide
4954Lids, Clear, Automation-friendly, Sterile10 lids/bag; 80 lids/case $138.00
4955Lids, Black, Automation-friendly, Sterile10 lids/bag; 80 lids/case $149.00

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