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Matrix 384-Well Polystyrene Plates
Consistent Quality for Consistent Performance
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Thermo Scientific Matrix 384-well polystyrene plates have square wells with rounded corners on the top and bottom to prevent the cross-contamination associated with the wicking effect. Available in white or black polystyrene with clear or opaque bottoms, cross talk from well to well is eliminated by carefully blending a precise amount of black or white pigment into the resin during manufacturing.

Manufactured from virgin, medical-grade resins for the highest quality, our quality control standards ensure you receive plates that are free of defects and exhibit very tight dimensional tolerances for superior performance.
  • Available with U, V or Flat Bottom configurations
  • Alphanumeric notations on each plate assist in well identification
  • Industry standard footprint ensures compatability with sealers, stackers and liquid handlers
  • Participating in our customized barcode service enables truly accurate tracking of plates
  • Lids formatted with 96 condensation rings are also available

Unmatched Packaging
Matrix microplates are available in quick tear bags for easy access. Inverted plate packaging prevents potential contamination associated with reaching across a plate and to facilitate loading of stackers in the correct orientation right out of the bag.

Barcoding Available
Program flexibility includes choice of code types, color-codes and barcode positions. Stringent quality control ensures barcodes are accurate, readable and applied correctly. In addition, each code is verified against a database to guarantee zero duplicates at your laboratory site.

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