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Matrix Electronic Multichannel Pipette
This product is no longer being manufactured
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This product is no longer being manufactured, although we will continue to provide Matrix pipette tips for your pipettes. We will continue to provide spare parts until December 2020. After this date it may be difficult to source parts. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

Ergonomic Design
Light and well-balanced, the pipette design keeps your hand close to the pipetting surface and incorporates a highly leveraged tip ejector that utilizes two or three fingers (and not the thumb).

Light Tip Application and Ejection
Designed in conjunction with Thermo Scientific Matrix pipette tips, ensure superior tip fit with minimal application/ejection forces.

Wide Selection of Volume Ranges and Channels
8-, 12-, or 16-channel models are available for performing everything from microvolume pipetting in a PCR plate to filling microplates.

Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Learn, Step-Based Programming
Allows you to automate anything you would do with a manual multichannel pipette. For example, you could aspirate 1200 µl, and then dispense 50 µl to the first two rows, then 100 µl to the next 10 while setting specific dispense speeds for each. Or aspirate 20 µl and then 200 µl of diluent, then repeat per each row of a plate for an in-plate serial dilution. All functions can be linked together (up to 40 steps) and saved for future use (up to six programs can be stored in memory).

Individual Speed Control
Five variable speeds are available for each step of your procedure (aspirate, dispense, or mix). This provides flexibility to either perform a rapid dispense, or a slow controlled dispense, depending on your needs.

Comprehensive Warranty/Calibration Services
Matrix Electronic pipettes are warrantied for a full year from the date of purchase. Calibration services are offered that not only calibrate your pipette, but provide preventive maintenance as well. The entire pipette is thoroughly checked prior to calibration, and any worn components are replaced as part of the service. If you have several instruments in your lab, special discounts on service or extended warranty agreements may apply. Contact your sales representative to discuss what options might work best for you.
Automatic serial dilutions
Electronic multichannel pipetting
Incremental pipetting (of a single volume or variable volumes)
Multiple reagent additions (with pre-programmed air gaps)
One-touch aspirate, dispense and mixing
Pipetting into 384-well plates
Plate-to-plate transfers
Sample additions
Simple, one-step dilutions

Ordering Guide
20028-Channel Electronic Pipette, 5-250 µl- DiscontinuedEach $1,569.00

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