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Fluid Thinking and the Research Cycle

No matter where your work takes you in the research cycle—from fundamental research to high throughput screening—the Matrix product line has been carefully engineered to suit virtually any liquid handling application.

From simple handheld pipettors to sophisticated automated systems, you can be assured that as your needs change or your throughput requirements increase, we’ll have the ideal solution to simplify your next project while continually enhancing productivity. Whether your research dictates using only a small segment of our product offering, or your needs require the capabilities of the entire family, you can be sure every Matrix instrument is engineered in conjunction with our innovative consumables. This integration creates a unique level of compatibility that, in turn, delivers an unsurpassed level of performance.

It’s all the result of our commitment to continuous innovation and coming up with new and creative ways to improve your research—or what we at Matrix call “fluid thinking.” And it results in the world’s most complete, seamless, advanced line of products for all facets of liquid handling: moving liquids (handheld and automated pipettors), storing liquids (tubes and plates), or assaying liquids (microplates and microarray products).

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