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Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi nL
Low Volume Reagent Dispenser
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Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi nL, the latest arrival in the Multidrop bulk reagent dispenser family, brings unrivaled reliability to meet low volume reagent dispensing needs in pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories. The Multidrop Combi nL is able to dispense volumes from 50 nl to 50 µl into 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates with excellent accuracy and precision.
  • Dynamic low volume range of 50 nl-50 µl offers application flexibility and can decrease reagent cost of many applications
  • Dispensing capability to 96-, 384- and 1536- deep-well, low profile and standard format microplates. Select discrete columns, rows and wells for maximum dispensing flexibility
  • Easy Thermo Scientific RapidStak add-on for high -hroughput plate dispensing
  • Easy to program on-board interface make program creation and editing easy for all user levels. Store up to 100+ program files on board and transfer between FILLit software interface for standalone use
  • Pre-calibrated liquid classes allow quick selection of liquid type for precise and accurate dispensing of a wide range of material. Additional liquid classes can be set on the unit in standalone format or using FILLit software interface
  • Additional features include on-board shaking and pressurization, single push button tip wash and sample recovery, and RS232 and USB connectivity for integration

Reliable Low Volume Dispensing
The Multidrop Combi nL brings increased precision and accuracy into submicroliter dispensing ensuring day-to-day reproducibility and high-quality assay data.

The fast dispensing speed combined with full robot compatibility ensures increased assay throughput for laboratories needing low volume assays formats.

Increased Flexibility
Multidrop Combi nL can be controlled with easy-to-use FILLit PC software that offers an increased user functionality and flexibility.

Simplicity and Reliability
Intuitive visual on-board user interface makes all functions easy to set up and use. The Multidrop Combi nL's valve based dispensing technology offers reliable dispensing with minimal maintenance required.

Only Requires 1.2 ml Dead Volume
The Multidrop Combi nL only requires 1.2 ml of dead volume to fill the source tubing for dispense. Precious reagents and material can also be recovered using the Backflush function.

Technical Specifications
Plate Types 96-, 384-, 1535-well plates
Dispensing Volume Range 50 nl - 50 µl
Dispensing Precision (CV%) 50 nl: CV=10%, 0.5 µl:CV=5%, 1-10 µl:CV=4%, >10 µl: CV=2%
Dispensing Accuracy <1 µl: ±5%, >1 µl: ±2%
Void Volume < 1.2 ml
Dispensing Speed 6 seconds with a 384-well plate at 50 nl, 21 seconds with a 1536-well plate at 50 nl
Interface Connections Serial RS-232, USB
Shaker Yes
Power Requirements Volts/Hz 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.
5840400Multidrop Combi nLEach

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