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Thermo Scientific Matrix Automation Tips
384 Format Automation Tips compatible with Beckman, Perkin Elmer and FLIPR instruments
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Thermo Scientific Matrix Automation Tips are compatible with 384 format Beckman instruments, Perkin Elmer and FLIPR instruments using CCS Type A pipetting heads and FLIPR Type B Liberty systems. All of these tip selections have a volume range of 0.5-30 µl, and are validated on their compatible instruments to ensure the highest quality for pipetting in automated laboratories.
  • 100% Quality Automation Tips - Performance validation on compatible instruments includes 1536 target straightness testing, leak testing, length, weight and wall thickness testing, and pipetting head seal force testing. Additional off the mold testing is also performed to guarantee the best possible automation tip performance
  • Static Free Rack - Design includes molded conductive rack and snap plate to hold tips to reduce static interactions during shipping and seating on instrument pipetting heads, enhancing product performance and reliability
  • Equipment and Sensitivity - We understand the demanding requirements in high-throughput environments and laboratories with multiple automated systems and our liquid handling experts are able to support your unique supply and instrument troubleshooting needs
  • Validation Service - Our Automation Specialists are able to assist in set-up and validation of these tips on compatible Beckman, Perkin Elmer or FLIPR instruments

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.

Order Accessory Items for Your Thermo Scientific Matrix Automation Tips
5361Automation Tips for FLIPR Liberty Type B, 30 µl10 racks of 384 tips/case $708.00

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