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Matrix WellMate Tubing Assemblies
Disposable and Reusable Options for Every Need
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Choose from a variety of Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate tubing cartridge assemblies to pipette everything from sensitive cellular materials to high vapor pressure fluids. These cartridges can be quickly and easily replaced, eliminating the need for service or calibration.
  • Disposable pre-sterilized, pre-calibrated tubing options:
    Standard-Bore Nozzle - For volumes above 20 µl, and 6 to 96-well plate filling
    Small-Bore Nozzle - For lower volume (1.0 µl and above) applications
    Stainless steel, PTFE-coated - For use with viscous fluids, 6 to 384-well dispensing, and low profile plates

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.

Order Accessory Items for Your Matrix WellMate Tubing Assemblies
201-30001Standard-Bore Tubing Assembly, 5 cartridges/case5/case $1,204.00
201-30002Small-Bore Tubing Assembly, 5 cartridges/case5/case $1,203.00

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