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Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate
Flexible, High-Speed, 8-Channel Microplate Dispenser
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The Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate brings unparalleled flexibility and cost-efficiency to microplate dispensing. It is the first instrument of its kind to offer disposable, pre-sterilized tubing cartridges and rapid dispensing in a wide volume range (1 µl to 2,000 µl). The Matrix WellMate accommodates virtually any microplate—from six to 384-wells—or any height 96-position tube rack. Simply raise or lower the dispensing head to the required height and the Matrix WellMate can handle everything from deep- and shallow-well plates to storage tubes as tall as 89 mm. Once the microplate and dispensing head are in place, the Matrix WellMate can be programmed to dispense volumes from 1 µl-2000 µl in increments of 1.0 µl.
  • Manually adjustable dispensing head height and dispensing locations allows one instrument to accommodate virtually any 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- or 384-well microplate
  • Low cost, disposable, pre-sterilized tubing cartridges with standard- or small-bore needle options gives the flexibility of pipetting everything from sensitive cellular materials to high vapor pressure fluids
  • Innovative programming allows discrete well/column filling and offers greater flexibility in assay design
  • Wide, dynamic dispense volume range (1-2000 µl) and plate compatibility accommodates many plate-filling applications, eliminating the need to purchase separate instruments for dispensing into various labware
  • Y- and X-axis adjustment enables dispensing into any side of a well for more precise control

Small Footprint
Makes it ideal for space-conscious laboratories or for use in a hood.

Broad Microplate Compatibility
The Matrix WellMate is compatible with the widest variety of standard and deep-well microplates including 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well, all on the same instrument with minimal adjustments.

PTFE-Coated Drip Tray with Spill Barrier
Helps prevent spills from contacting electronics.

Simple Pump Motor Controls
Support fast, easy manual priming and emptying of tubing lines. Fluid flow can be manually reversed to recover valuable reagent contained in the lines.

Inexpensive Disposable Tubing Cartridges
On top of its flexibility and functionality, the Matrix WellMate offers unique cost efficiencies with inexpensive, pre-sterilized and pre-calibrated tubing cartridges. Economical enough to be disposable, yet rugged enough to be autoclaved for long-term use, our individually packaged tubing cartridges are ideally suited to a variety of users and applications.

Visual/Audible Safety System
Prevents pump motor rotation when tubing is not clamped correctly.

Standard 9-Pin RS232 Programming
Offers flexible robotic integration options.

Standard-Bore Nozzle Orifice
Silicone-based tubing cartridges are available with a standard-bore nozzle orifice for six to 96-well plate filling and volumes above 20 µl.

Small-Bore Nozzle Orifice
Silicone-based tubing cartridges are available with a small-bore nozzle orifice for lower volume (1.0 µl and above) applications and 384-well plate filling.

Nozzle Selection Guide
Matrix WellMate tubing cartridges come in economical packs of five making it possible to keep several cartridges on hand for reagent-specific plate filling applications. Each cartridge can be used to fill 1,000 plates. Use the nozzle selection guide to help identify the appropriate tubing cartridge for your particular plate-filling application.

Programming and Dispensing Flexibility
Among the Matrix WellMate’s capabilities is a unique programming innovation that allows you to select plate columns to be filled or left empty. Rather than always filling the entire plate, an operator can now choose discrete columns to be filled on a particular plate or block.

Advanced Plate Filling Options
The instrument also allows you to quickly and easily offset the dispense nozzles over microplate wells so liquid can be dispensed towards the front or back of a well. This feature, coupled with the ability to teach left/right well offsets, enables dispensing into any position in a well, and makes the Matrix WellMate one of the most accommodating plate fillers available today.

Product Support Forum
Talk with your peers in the WellMate newsgroup about this product
Addition of buffers, diluents, enzymes, substrates, ligands etc.
Addition of labeled compounds, including fluorophores, radio labeled compounds
Addition of microbeads for assays such as LOCI or loading combichem plates
Addition of viscous solutions such as scintillation fluid or glycerol/sucrose solutions

Technical Specifications
Size (H x D x W) 8.5"/21.6cm x 11.5"/30 cm x 14.75"/37.5 cm
Input Voltage 100V AC or 240V AC
Consumption 110 VA, 50-60 Hz
Weight 24 lb/11 kg

Ordering Guide
Please contact us for configuration and pricing information.
201-10001WellMate Microplate Dispenser, 1-2000 µlEach

Order Accessory Items for Your Thermo Scientific Matrix WellMate
201-30001Standard-Bore Tubing Assembly, 5 cartridges/case5/case $1,134.00
201-30002Small-Bore Tubing Assembly, 5 cartridges/case5/case $1,133.00
201-30003Stainless Steel, PTFE-Coated Tubing Assembly, 1 cartridge/case1/case $864.00
201-40001WellMate Plate Lifter Each $202.00
201-40002WellMate Tubing Cartridge Adapter, 1 adapter/case Each $224.00

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